Saturday, January 12, 2013

made also..

& I made this last week. I wanted a place to store throw blankets in our living room. I wove deerskin leather & then hand-stitched around the edges, leaving the four outermost ends long enough to attach to the hardware of the table legs (made a small hole in the leather, fitted this over a threaded post & replaced the washer/nut over it)


  1. sweet! very creative use of space! i think my cat would take advantage and claim this as her own...why not, she already 'occupies' all of my woolies!

    1. yes I was worried about that too.. I actually raised it higher than I'd originally had it in order to avoid that. the deerskin stretched back some, however. still, no issues yet!

  2. It looks so so nice! Black was definitely the way to go ;)