Saturday, July 28, 2012

( woven )

I just finished this piece today. I must admit I sort of rushed this one. technically, its my 'worst' piece yet.. switching from material to material (homespun alpaca, cotton, wool) proved to be detrimental to the straightness of my edges.. but I ultimately think I like the relative calm orderliness of the braid with the very slight wildness of the base weaving & hanging strands .. (*the edges actually really bothered me.. I tried a whip stitch to add some evenness.. it did help a bit, and created a rough 'frame' for the piece)

the color of the background is also slightly variable (intentionally, this part) with some bay black alpaca from cathy's amazing shop

( born )

a white buffalo calf was born in June in Connecticut.. 

more here

Thursday, July 26, 2012

(small) SALE

now through August 3rd, take 10% off all items in my shop! use code tenoff at checkout

Monday, July 16, 2012

natural ( black + white )

I recently finished another set of weavings. this time I warped using linen, which has advantages but is also difficult. I'm glad to be trying out new materials, to see how they work. its often surprising how a material behaves.

I made this longer piece for my living room & have several other small pieces.. I'm practicing now & the results are encouraging yet certainly imperfect. it feels very different to orient oneself to production to keep, and production to sell. I want to be sure that the pieces I offer are sturdy, well-constructed, and long lasting. I think each time I make a new piece, I'm closer to this as a goal

for the piece above I used natural white wool, linen, & a couple of different alpacas. the black portions are a thick & coarse cotton, wool, and alpaca

( other ) weaving

small pieces I'm finishing..

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

( get together )


I'm interested in getting a group together- knitters, felters, quilters, weavers, sewers, embroiderers, fiber enthusiasts, printers, woodworkers, what-have-you.. anyone interested in gathering to discuss & encourage making, please plan on an evening in August at my house/studio

bring.. yourself, something to eat or drink, and anything else you feel you'd like to share.. projects, materials, how-to books, etc

I like the idea of making this a regular thing, but let's just wait & see. don't be shy/tell your friends! please email me at info ( at ) shopmetrode ( dot ) com to rsvp & for more info.. all are welcome! 

date / August 31st (friday)
time / evening
location / capitol hill

Sunday, July 8, 2012

(.. is coming )

The way that my store has worked up to now is: I find the vintage clothing & make most of the jewelry, and other items- leather goods, home items etc- are from other artists & craftspeople. I've mostly 'met' these sellers through etsy. I've occasionally found a product & asked the maker to alter a few details (color, design detail, material) for resale in my store.

I've decided not to work in this same way, generally, at this point. I've been happy to make acquaintances- friends, really- online, and through etsy specifically, in the past. I'll be happy to maintain some of those longer-term relationships, too. I've found that, especially with makers with whom I've had the opportunity to collaborate, these relationships are really meaningful.

But I think it would be great if I were on the internet less, and making more. In the past few months, I've done a lot of thinking & am trying to make certain changes for myself that feel necessary, healthy, and progressive. In March or so, I realized that my list of things I wanted to learn- weaving, crochet, wood-working, pottery, and so on- was very long, and so I started at the top with weaving.

Now I'd like to utilize & grow the early, basic skills I've acquired. My website & store will change accordingly. Besides my own pieces, I'd like to concentrate on establishing working relationships in my neighborhood, city, and region. I sometimes hardly feel I'm living in Seattle, so much as in a mostly harmless/nameless place with a good internet connection & safe shipping address.

My developer (as in Michael, my husband) & I have some plans to re-work, update & improve my shop. You can expect to see some of these changes by about August.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please know that feedback is always welcome! feel free to leave your thoughts through comments here, or email at info ( at ) shopmetrode ( dot ) com

( read )

just read this autobiography.. it is definitely interesting.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

( woven ) recently

I finished a few more small woven pieces today. on the next warp, I'll be making items for sale in my store (next week or two.) feel free to email with requests, should you have any

( home )

I've been working on changing our living room for a couple of months. I think its done (just going to continue to add my own woven pieces.)

We moved things around, switched out a large/dark piece of furniture for a more simple and light handmade wood table with shelf, and added a handmade knitted/felted wool rug. It feels more like a 'living room' now.