Monday, January 30, 2012

( in case you'd like..)

to read some of my thoughts..

ashley's q's, my a's here

thanks ashley!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

update / vintage clothing

\ vintage silk knit pencil skirt (sold)

/ vintage powder blue cotton pullover (sold)

\ vintage pale taupe wool trousers (sold)

/ vintage ivory cotton oversize sweater (sold)

\ vintage thick tan leather belt

/ vintage natural linen trousers (sold)

\ vintage shrunken fisherman crewneck (sold)

/ vintage wisteria suede skirt (sold)

( additions )

/ mid century bench (via ashley) in living room, w. navajo churro skins
\ poplar work table

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

( hana )

beautiful Hana, of Craft & Culture..

Q. Favorite colors / prints?

This time of year I start to pull really pale colors: blues, whites and silver. I think the Pacific Northwest elements really makes me gravitate toward certain colors. Each season, my eye changes slightly.

Q. Visually inspired by...

Lately, landscapes. Especially Nordic landscapes. There's a designer and knitter, Steinunn Sigurdardottir who knits the Icelandic landscape into garments. And they're very unexpected. She knits hot springs and dirty snow and the textures left behind in the earth by volcanoes. I'm infatuated with her work because it is isn't obvious. It's very understated, yet incredibly complex. She manufactures moments in textile.

Q. Favorite designer(s), artists?

Well I usually get a lot more excited about materials and color schemes than designers in fashion. And then, it seems the garments that jump out at me as super brilliant tend to be menswear pieces. Kind of odd except my mum wore a lot of beautiful menswear. I am very interested in the independent designers emerging from backgrounds in fine arts or knitting or sculpture. I think this new wave of artists is really exciting.

Q. Favorite book / magazine / art piece?

I'm currently reading Grey Hope: The Persistence of Melancholy and I LOVE it. I think melancholy is such a part of the PNW and this collection of writings, paintings and photographs are so beautiful in their exploration. Also, I love BLOOM, the publication by Trend Tablet. They put things together in absolutely beautiful and tactile ways. I end up just looking at BLOOM for a long, long time. It's such a rarity these days for me to spend such a long time on one picture or one series of pictures and I appreciate that this publication really slows me down.

Q. Recent home inspiration / creative idea?

Right now a photography studio takes up most of our apartment. Very industrial-chic! My most creative idea is creating clean counter tops and more work space.

Q. Currently most excited about..

Getting older. Seriously. I'll probably kick myself for saying this but I feel such deep relief and joy being out of my teens and early 20's. ♦

Monday, January 23, 2012

( a wonder )

can you believe this? its a felted wool throw. amazing, as usual from monika

( cowskin )

new in shop..

extra soft cowskin rug

Friday, January 20, 2012

( certainty )

when I have I ever regretted the purchase of warm, handmade, comfortable things? never, friend

primoeza sweater from anaise

Monday, January 16, 2012

( renee )

sweet, talented Renee of Anaise..

Q. Favorite colors / prints?

Pale shades of pink, grey, cream, black, and lately, metallics. I love subtle abstract or floral prints.

Q. Visually inspired by…

Tomboy style, people on the street, the wilderness, Ikebana, Japanese aesthetic, spatial arrangement, SANAA house. Books are an endless source of inspiration for me.

Q. Favorite designer(s), artists?

Isabel Marant, Mayle, Acne, Apiece Apart, Rachel Comey, Vanessa Bruno and A Detacher. I'm drawn to effortless, elegant pieces that you can just pull over your head and walk out the door.

Ruth Asawa, Mark Borthwick, Ashley Helvey, and Sasha K. are my favorite artists.

Q. Favorite book / magazine / art piece?

I find so much inspiration in Japanese books. The photography and styling is always top notch; I just wish I could read the language. I love how their definition of beauty is understated and tied in with the importance of function. My favorite publications are JSBJ (jesuisunebandedejeunes), Ku:nel, Here and There, The Gentlewoman, and Diner Journal.

Q. Recent home inspiration / creative idea?

I came across images of hand dyed indigo asa fabric with overlapping oval patches of fabric stitched on top. It was the most beautiful, delicate thing I had ever seen. Since asa fabric is thin and slightly sheer, I thought it would make a lovely window covering. I'm hoping to come across a few pieces on ebay or at the flea market and patch one together.

Q. Currently most excited about..

Learning how to play the guitar. My sister used to be a guitarist in a band, so I'm hoping to pick up a few lessons from her. ♦

Sunday, January 15, 2012

( clean & shine )

looked around for a good leather cleaner & conditioner. I found otter wax, a portland company

all natural handmade products include saddle soap, leather salve, fabric wax, and leather oil

there's a lot of possibility in these! they're affordable, as well

( linen )

/ natural linen fitted sheet
\ gray & black stripe linen fabric
/ light blue linen fabric
\ natural gray linen towel

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

( useful / use for )

three uses for homemade felt

\ quilt triangles
/ shoe insoles
\ oven mitt

( photo )

my friend took this not-too-awful (a rarity!) photo of me with his phone on a walk at a park New Year's day, when another friend pointed out that this rock looked like my sweater..