Sunday, November 4, 2012

( woven ) then..

I wove this on my lap loom the other day. it wasn't originally what I'd hoped for, so I worked on it over the following days, and finished it yesterday.

its various lives- secrets ;) - and processes are covered over on the back with a black linen patch.

this piece is woven, stitched & stuffed, and the yarn is undyed handspun wool


  1. These bits of weaving you do are so interesting!

  2. It was reading about you covering the back with linen that inspired me to do the same with gray linen on a blue piece i wove for a little guy's one year birthday and I embroidered a sun and a crescent moon and his initial and then covered the back so all those threads and stuff were hidden from prying fingers. Thank you for blogging about your work so I can learn techniques. The wrapped ring sewn onto the weaving is another piece of yours that I really like a lot.