Monday, July 16, 2012

natural ( black + white )

I recently finished another set of weavings. this time I warped using linen, which has advantages but is also difficult. I'm glad to be trying out new materials, to see how they work. its often surprising how a material behaves.

I made this longer piece for my living room & have several other small pieces.. I'm practicing now & the results are encouraging yet certainly imperfect. it feels very different to orient oneself to production to keep, and production to sell. I want to be sure that the pieces I offer are sturdy, well-constructed, and long lasting. I think each time I make a new piece, I'm closer to this as a goal

for the piece above I used natural white wool, linen, & a couple of different alpacas. the black portions are a thick & coarse cotton, wool, and alpaca


  1. This is beautiful, especially the textures.

  2. ...a woven sampler! love the texture and contrast...and the use of all natural materials.