Sunday, July 8, 2012

(.. is coming )

The way that my store has worked up to now is: I find the vintage clothing & make most of the jewelry, and other items- leather goods, home items etc- are from other artists & craftspeople. I've mostly 'met' these sellers through etsy. I've occasionally found a product & asked the maker to alter a few details (color, design detail, material) for resale in my store.

I've decided not to work in this same way, generally, at this point. I've been happy to make acquaintances- friends, really- online, and through etsy specifically, in the past. I'll be happy to maintain some of those longer-term relationships, too. I've found that, especially with makers with whom I've had the opportunity to collaborate, these relationships are really meaningful.

But I think it would be great if I were on the internet less, and making more. In the past few months, I've done a lot of thinking & am trying to make certain changes for myself that feel necessary, healthy, and progressive. In March or so, I realized that my list of things I wanted to learn- weaving, crochet, wood-working, pottery, and so on- was very long, and so I started at the top with weaving.

Now I'd like to utilize & grow the early, basic skills I've acquired. My website & store will change accordingly. Besides my own pieces, I'd like to concentrate on establishing working relationships in my neighborhood, city, and region. I sometimes hardly feel I'm living in Seattle, so much as in a mostly harmless/nameless place with a good internet connection & safe shipping address.

My developer (as in Michael, my husband) & I have some plans to re-work, update & improve my shop. You can expect to see some of these changes by about August.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please know that feedback is always welcome! feel free to leave your thoughts through comments here, or email at info ( at ) shopmetrode ( dot ) com


  1. I feel the move to 'a bit less on the internet, more in the (local) community' is always a good one. Best Wishes and Good Luck!

  2. that's such a good thing i think! i also feel this urge to really make things rather than just dream, browse, think up, etc... i think that as you know you have the ability to give beauty to this world then that's a bit of a responsibility too... one that you have to answer sooner or later... the sooner the better i guess... so good that you do so! the necklaces and the woven things are really beautiful. i'm curious about what's to come.


  3. thank you agnes & monika! I appreciate your thoughts

  4. i often feel this displacement
    and the need to 'return' to my place and hands,
    to anchor myself more in my circumstance.

    you make beautiful things - the change can only be a good thing !