Sunday, June 3, 2012

( thoughts )

hmm, pretty late in seeing this article. any thoughts?


  1. I'd like to know why the girl in the illustration has four elbows.

  2. i think it's pretty funny... i might start doing a post every week of my dirty house. See if people would really prefer to see that! Lol.

  3. I'm glad that you shared a link to this because I missed it when it came out. It's funny, a lot of what they talked about had been in the back of my head too, but I feel like I would have addressed it in a different way and tried to take a more positive stance and less focus on the obvious. The comments were interesting to read too - Joanna Goddard had some really good things to add - so did you!

    I seriously had no idea about the Mormon lifestyle bloggers!! Maybe I'm out of the loop. I'll have to look into that.

  4. I feel like I've been hearing, or reading I guess, a lot lately about people's concerns that there is a big gap between "reality" and what is portrayed on blogs. I'm not sure I've sorted all my thoughts out about it yet, but I do think the article could have addressed what people would want to read or see on a blog, instead of focusing on the negative stuff. Because I am curious about what would be perceived as more "realistic" content, and whether that really would be appealing. And the comments were super interesting!

  5. thanks for your thoughts, I agree with most all of what each of you has to say (Aly, good point! why the excess of elbows?! haha)

    Julia, I also had no idea of mormon lifestyle blogs. perfect example- if you don't go looking for certain content, you don't even have to know about it!

    & definitely, this sort of thing has been on my mind lately. Ashley & I were just talking about it before I saw the article

  6. I arrived on your blog via pinterest and I really like your aesthetic. Great pictures. I was interested to read the article that you had linked to. I used to look at a quite a few lifestyle blogs - not as many now, as I have come to prefer the visual stimulation of some pinterest & tumblr 'curators'. But here is my penny - for me lifestyle blogs have always offered escape from my own reality, and that is how I used them. Do I want to see your dirty kitchen, less-than-hygienic bathroom tiles, hear about your squabbles with your husband, problems with your kids, struggles with weight or whatever insecurity you have? No. I have enough of my own; I have real-life family and friends whose problems I also deal with; I read three newspapers; I subscribe to a number of newsletters with scientific, political and cultural content. I get plenty of reality. So when I come to a blog like yours, I like to see beautiful pictures and see beautiful objects, with maybe an interesting link or personal comment or two. I like a glimpse of your life, but not too much. I find it interesting that some readers (going by some of the comments on the original article) seem to attach their own self-worth to a blog of someone they have probably never met, and that they actually compare their own lives to the life that a blogger presents on a site. One would have to be a little silly and/or very naive to think that these lifestyle blogs present an unedited version of the blogger's life - especially blogs that derive a revenue, either from advertising or from selling a product. And why should a lifestyle blogger spill their guts for the benefit of their readers? I sometimes suspect a voyeuristic and probably unhealthy desire of such readers to be part of the blogger's 'real life' and perhaps an indulgence in schadenfreude should a blogger confess to some problem or imperfection. There are plenty of 'personal' blogs where bloggers DO spill their guts. I prefer lifestyle blogs to be an online, and slighly more personal, version of a good lifestyle magazine.
    Oops. Sorry about the long comment.

    1. Anaraim, thank you for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. seems like we're on the same page

  7. Caitlin, did they actually interview you? Or did they take that quote from someplace else? It sounds like Joanna didn't even know about the article until after it had been published.

  8. Alyson, yes they did contact me with questions & I sent responses (the quote was part of one)