Monday, February 13, 2012

( complete )

I finally finished my quilt! you may remember its first mention- back in late October. I've worked on it many hours (I'm estimating about 200 total) since then, and I'm in a very mild shock about its finally being done

a few of my favorite squares came from friends who make beautiful things.. most of the knitted squares are from cathy in oregon & several of the felted squares are from monika in scotland. there's also a felted square as well as many triangles in vegetable-dyed silk from ashley on the west coast, and a knitted square from charlotte on the east coast. I received a gift of a knitted mesh square from my sister sarah, too

besides these full squares, I got my material from..

\ dresses shortened into tops (vintage batik & a mociun print)
/ st james striped top I cropped
\ samples from various custom handmade projects
/ vintage silk top I shortened
\ handdyed silk velvet I bought on etsy
/ sheep hide
\ tiny sheepskin
/ my own homemade felt
\ linen & ikat fabrics given as gift wrap
/ favorite old pillowcases


it was a pleasure to create this, and its amazing how much more than just a blanket it is. the project itself was hours upon hours of thinking while working, improving not just my sewing but overall patience & understanding that a careful approach saves time & frustration..

the quilt was originally handsewn by a family member many years ago. given this original creation, along with my recent work & love in it, I feel like its nearer to a creature than an inanimate object


  1. Beautiful! What a satisfying project to complete. The quilt looks just lovely and it's so nice that it was pieced together using fabric from so many places and from so many friends!

  2. so beautiful. i love all the different textures. very inspiring work!

  3. wow caitlin, bravo! 200 hours? dang. it's worth every minute!

  4. I love it ... but I especially love how the cat is taking it on a test drive.

  5. this is wonderful, for many reasons. i especially love the garter stitch squares. lovely blog!

  6. very special, tying past with present, family with friends!

  7. it turned out really great. the fabric choices are spot on :)

  8. oh my goodness! this is amazing!

  9. That is the best quilt I have ever seen.

  10. it's a beautiful piece and a beautiful story. and so well done.

  11. Very beautiful and I love the story.