Saturday, April 30, 2011

made ( today )

sort of a gentle mess of pyrite.. it does that easily (gets messy), but in a civilized way

I should probably stop thinking so deeply about little rocks..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

( + 1 )

I broke my public pledge to purchase only two higher end spring items. I came across these beautiful rachel comey slip-ons just last week, previously unaware of their existence

the design, abstract marbling, and beautiful colors- pale gray, off white, black- are really a special find & a rare combination. I really, really like them

on the more affordable side of things, I found a couple of lovely vintage skirts today.. I'm currently working on dyeing them some shade of gray (depending on what the materials feel like absorbing).. we'll just have to see how that turns out and, if well, at least one will be available in store later this week

oh & it turns out to be have been more of value purchase than I'd expected.. cat bed included..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

q + a ( alyson )

its been a while! here's a revival of the questionnaires of metrode-yore, this one with alyson of marmunia & little dipper..

Q. Favorite color/ print if applicable?

Neutrals, always. Camel, black, navy, grey, various shades of white - and lately, I can't seem to pull myself away from soft peachy-pinks. I never can deny a nice chambray and tend to collect too many plaids and stripes. I am picky about prints - florals especially, but always have my eye out for a good one.

Q. Visually inspired by…

Sun spots, outer space, rocks & gems, babies, cakes & pastries, bodies of water, modern architecture, fluffy dogs, old constellation maps, and my Grandma Elaine - so stylish and the epitome of beauty, inside and out.

Q. Favorite designer(s) and/or clothing decade?

Rachel Comey is one designer that I consistently love. Vanessa Bruno, Bodkin, A.P.C., Steven Alan, United Bamboo, Rag & Bone are some other favorites. I tend to like styles that have influences leaning toward the late 1960s and the depression era. Slouchy, easy, comfortable.

Q. Personal favorite iconic fashion item(s) is/are...

Probably a nice pair of horn rimmed glasses and black ballet flats.

Q. Recent home inspiration/creative idea?

I love the Bonbon lamps by Ana Kras. About 6 months ago I started making my own. I still haven't finished it. For now it is in a paper bag in my closet, where it will remain until I (most likely) decide I simply cannot finish it & throw it out.

Q. Currently most excited about..

Summertime, heat, freckles, floating down the river on my innertube, and an upcoming visit to New York. ♦

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

( s a l e ) on totes

realize this seems a tad quick, but I'm putting the beautiful rennes leather totes in the store on sale. while I've only just gotten around to launching the site this spring, these bags have been waiting to be sold since January!

I'd like to bring in more rennes styles, so the proceeds of these sales will afford new spring options.. enjoy 50% off each while they last!

black leather market tote
graphite gray leather market tote
whiskey brown leather market tote
black horsehide fitzgerald tote

( little ) more

& a couple more today..

buffalo teeth necklace
pyrite nugget necklace

Monday, April 25, 2011

few new..

a few new items today.. more vintage (clothing) later this week.. home section in next couple of weeks!


pale blue & pyrite bracelet
vintage geometric necklace
double strand leather belt
long forest beaded necklace
wide leather waist belt
snakeskin bracelet

pouch ( wrap )

another gift wrap development.. I stitched together, very simply, a small piece of the white deerskin I bought in new mexico into a small pouch

I'd like to use this idea for future wedding gifts

Sunday, April 24, 2011

( felt piece )

spent many hours yesterday felting the largest piece I've yet made. it had a few hiccups & as usual, came out slightly differently than expected. it ended up fitting about exactly on a chair in my living room, so there it now lives

materials were tan alpaca, a white navajo churro batt & some variated gray roving I bought in new mexico, and a yak/merino/alpaca batt.. my favorite

Saturday, April 23, 2011

( home )

a couple of recent home finds for myself..

vintage handwoven placemats

hand-turned walnut bowls

the bowls are so soft & light

Friday, April 22, 2011


love this striking & original new line

I actually am very interested in the blood orange scarf for myself (shock/horror/confusion).. it may be a trend-related thing to which I am responding. it seems like an exciting & undeniably beautiful spring piece

( photo )

kitty sniffs flowers in the window

addition :: sheepskins

ooh exciting. I'm planning to add sheepskins to the home section of the new store! I'll be working with two farms, so the quality is excellent & the size, nice and big

types available will include curly natural cream & thick navajo churro, available in the next few weeks!

( high ) hand

I love these beautiful handwoven home textiles, made in Maine by a sweet woman named Linda. Planning on this small store serving as my new watering hole for gifts &, when she has the time, a customized table piece

Thursday, April 21, 2011

( well, oh.. )

I had not realized that these were an option..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

( your help, friends )

I'm currently pondering what advertising is best to publicize my new store.. word of mouth is so helpful! if you have a blog, twitter, pininterest, facebook etc, I would really appreciate your help if you'd care to lend it

email me at if you take the time to do so, and I'll be happy to extend 15% off your first purchase from!

thank you


( update )

first update to the new shop! five necklaces, four of which are handmade by me, the other vintage

african strand necklace
chunky wood necklace
simple agate necklace
vintage tribal necklace
blonde blocks necklace

( web )

just received a customized handknit sweater in gray mohair.. looks like a cobweb

Sunday, April 17, 2011

( photo )

saga sig photography, here

Friday, April 15, 2011

( rugs )

we went to gallup, NM for the navajo rug viewing/purchasing I very much wanted to do while in the southwest. there are several old & venerated trading posts in town, the best of which (in my opinion) is richardson's. it is a store so good, so complete & special in its collection, that it can easily be visited like a gallery or museum

the two rugs we purchased were both from there. we bought a traditional, naturally colored woven rug that is very soft, and a more rare tufted navajo rug, which very strongly resembles an actual sheepskin. I was told that the fiber is from a mohair goat.. the back is what really interests & fascinates me

I just need to hang the woven one now! too dangerous to keep on the floor with two ruthless beasts in the house