Thursday, March 31, 2011

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' you have to return to something genuine, uncomplicated, which communicates spontaneity, charm, without confusing austerity with boredom. today there is nothing more appropriate for this world, which has exploded through excess, than recuperation. '

- felisa pinto (in an interview w. apartamento)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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( read & look )

its recently occurred to me that what I read before going to sleep is formative to the rest that follows, and that similarly, reading/viewing a book or magazine in the morning can help to shape the way I approach a day- like breakfast

I added reading a letter or two a night from 'letters to a young poet' the other day, and want to try remembering to flip through an art book along with breakfast in the morning.. its relaxing, inspiring, and helps to counterbalance the attachment I now feel to my phone & computer.. its quick, too, adding only a few minutes to the beginning or end of the day

Monday, March 28, 2011

( sweater ) SALE

as much as I love these pretty handknit sweaters, I've decided not to sell them in my new store.. I've found a few tiny imperfections here & there, so feel I shouldn't

they are lovely, comfortable, soft & warm (100% alpaca/silk) and the flaws are very minor.. for sale at cost, $95.00 + shipping

available: (1) in gray + (1) in cream

if interested, please email me at for additional photos/info

Sunday, March 27, 2011

!! modern

I took another solo walk, today to my neighborhood book store where I found 'handcrafted modern'- the most inspiring & beautiful book I've seen in a while

gorgeous photo collection of the natural & meticulous interiors of mid century modern designers' homes.. its a nicely produced book, too, at an affordable price

*please note the cat cushions (pictured 4th) from the eames' home.. their good taste was boundless!

( basics )

last season I purchased just one pair of trousers (these) & it worked out well. this spring I want to go with two great pieces- one clothing, one shoe. I walked down to totokaelo yesterday & got a pair of rachel comey wide-leg highwaist silk trousers in black ('caucus pant').. I think they will wear nicely, and are just the right sort to wear any which way

made ( for giving )

necklaces for friends

( handmade porcelain beads on hemp/linen string + one green stone from san juan island )

Saturday, March 26, 2011

( photos )

outtakes.. myself, as a mournful cousin It.. wah so sad

( to do )

need to make some things this coming week..

Friday, March 25, 2011

( carry-all )

big leather totes, from rennes, via metrode (soon!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

( totes )

production of printed matter is always accomplished in a more professional & enjoyable manner with help from my friend razi .. today she helped me make canvas totes

I ordered plain cotton tote bags, a custom stamp from this store, and a black fabric ink pad.. the result is simple, and I like it

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

out (fitted)

( combinations with vintage finds.. for sale very soon! )

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spring (stripes)

missed this, but hope to catch up when they become available again.. a lovely, handmade classic


like repetto, bloch made & makes dance shoes.. also, a variety of basic ballet flats + braided leather sandals. their price is on the reasonable side, an especial rarity (I've found) for decent sandals

standing ( plant )

I'm finally using the mid century walnut plant stand I found a few months ago.. this new plant I got today is like a little tree for indoors

( may I suggest )

all silk unisex nightshirt..

if they had better colors, this would be my favorite store

( re- do )

we recently replaced a fairly large & comfortable couch with a much more spare- and ultimately, more usable- modern chair. in moving out a big piece of our living room, we had to adjust a few other items.. I recently found nistock farms from whom I purchased this beautiful sheepskin.. shades of pale grey, thick & fluffy (fast shipping from these guys)

the other piece- a dark wood table to fit in next to the new chair. I'm trying out this modern furniture shop & am excited for the result.. customization is available, and the prices are very good

Monday, March 21, 2011

[ photo ]


after a wintry drought, I was fortunate this past week & found a fair amount of items over the course of 4 thrifting trips.. unusually, I found 7 items for myself! a welcome change, as my need for lightweight spring pants & cotton sweaters was pushing me in the direction of purchasing several new items that are altogether just too much

I'm happy just yesterday to have found a suitable substitute for the excellent but pricey steven alan reina sweater.. I think it cost me $4 (had a coupon!)

I also found a few items for my mom, in colors/styles/fabrications I think she'll like- pale gray linen, coppery brown silk, and autumn green silk

for my store- lots of natural linen items (including a very striking, simple sleeveless maxi dress), black linen blazers, silk blouses, and nice wool & alpaca blazers and a cape! also a very unusual hardwood waist belt.. I'll be keeping this around for use in store photographs for now

& since mid-march has come & gone, you may be wondering where this store I keep mentioning is.. APRIL 2ND, firm