Saturday, January 29, 2011

( pots )

beautiful natural pottery.. morphing molecules

( adopt a.. ) what?

help support an..

endangered navajo churro
icelandic sheep


adoption fee includes photos of 'your' sheep + yarn or wool

( frame )

beautiful 'exotic' photo art from a 1950s book.. here

alpaca silk mohair=

this is now this, thanks to liz.. more of her custom work here & here.. I absolutely love these sweaters

Friday, January 28, 2011

"necklace about how your life can be split in pieces by mental illness"

paul beelen jewelry via pour porter

Thursday, January 27, 2011

( rug ) joy

!!!! (incoherent joy) !!


( one )

1 year old blog today.. searching for a festive image led me back to this first post..

thanks for being here, then & now :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

( 2011 )

"today, just about any company can set up shop.. and sell their products wherever there's an internet connection..."


( at home ) very simply

genius! simple wool felt placemats in 21 colors! coordinating/contrasting coasters & table runner also available, here

accessory [ update ]

few accessories today..

black frame round sunglasses
powder blue skinny belt
mauve tinted classic sunglasses

Monday, January 24, 2011

( black on black )

we're in the very early planning stages for a trip to the southwest sometime this spring, and I stumbled across the sante fe indian market while researching things to do.. I'd love to go to this, but its in august & I'm far too pale to be in the SW at that time.. they have an online shop though, that features a very cool reversible blanket based on the art of maria martinez (the pendleton blanket that we bought earlier this year is as well)

I so love the prints and feeling of native design from the southwest, but seldom find items in the subdued shades I really love to live with.. so martinez is a real find, and I'm grateful to see contemporary items inspired by her work & distinct aesthetic

images here, here, here

( stacked )

I love these stacked missoni necklaces.. knitted? via style bubble

[ photo ]

via apiece apart

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

( banner )

made a new banner today

( hurray )

we won


(I hate auctions)

( natural ) clean

1. wool dryer balls

2. lambswool duster

3. knitted reusable swiffer mop covers

4. organic wool soap bar

the wool bar is great for cleaning spots on sheepskins!

( it is nice to ponder )

my most indulgent home ideas..

1. black walnut floors

2. custom handmade roman blinds, in natural hemp/cotton

3. handmade cream-colored tiling in bathroom & kitchen (just sort of all over them)

4. miele dishwasher

5. handmade custom kitchen cabinets.. walnut again

we are thinking we may buy the place we've been renting for the past 2 years.. it leads us to wonder- certainly more so me- specifically what changes we would make in the years to come.. renovation would be a drag.. its easier & more quickly gratifying to purchase a great rug to be sure.. dark hardwood floors & an updated kitchen would really be something though

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

( fleece )

I want my house to have softness everywhere right now

(one, two)

lit (subtly)

awesome. but ouch on the shipping.. mid century ceiling lamp from hindsvik

( aaaah )

there's something especially compelling in how perfectly this particular furry skin complements this specific chair


( braided ) metal

beautiful handmade braided jewelry from germany, in silver & gold.. this artist uses textiles for inspiration & casting

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

( one big avocado )

sat down with a whole avocado, coarse salt & a dish of olive oil for lunch today.. so appreciative right now of feeling well again; the soft rain & bright light gray sky outside seem tranquil amd beautiful

I was discussing, at this same table by the window last saturday morning, public content-- blogging, tweeting, facebook-ing one's life away. I think it is an interesting thing to make the studied choice between what to share, and what to leave private.. its the sort of thing one feels out for oneself, and is ultimately amorphous, unspecific, and relatively insignificant really

I've had the privilege to consider it anyhow, and for myself, I would say that the impulse to share indiscriminately arises when something seems beautiful in a broad sense, and is a bit too big- in whatever way- to experience alone

( blocked )

amazing! customized hand-blocked totem cards.. block itself was hand-carved too

( bag )

if you're in need of a basic leather bag, I'm letting this one go..

super high quality thick leather 'sami' bag from rennes, in great condition; beige lining, one interior pocket.. original retail $180

this one $95 + shipping ($6 US / $12 international).. please leave a comment or email me if interested, at