Tuesday, September 27, 2011

( plans )

we're making plans! we'll be heading to stockholm first, followed by oslo & then finally reykjavik. I've found a few museums I'd like to get to, and we'll definitely be visiting natural hot springs & saunas anywhere we go.. like the crazy blue lagoon in iceland!

meanwhile I'm trying to get my 'gear' in order.. warm socks, warm coat, water-resistant everything, good boots..

any suggestions of where to go/what to do would be appreciated!



  1. Iceland:
    A shop called Friða Frænka (Aunt Frida) in downtown Reykjavík (antique furniture, wallpaper, houseware...), and the shop of the Handkntiing Association of Iceland (Skólavörðustígur 19)(handmade sweaters - Icelandic sheep)

    I could tell you more about visiting Iceland if you want!

  2. yes please & thank you! info@shopmetrode.com

  3. ok, I'll try my best to write about places and send it tomorrow...!