Wednesday, September 14, 2011

good ( sock )

I recently found a shop that will knit a pair of socks with your yarn (send it in) for $15/pair

I chose caramel alpaca, dark green merino, and pale blue-gray wool/bamboo for mine. I'm so excited to receive these! its difficult to find good socks


  1. Those colors are amazing, and such a good deal.

    I owe you an email! Sorry for the delay :)

  2. looking forward to hearing from you, Julia!

  3. the prices for her socks on etsy are insane, you can't even buy the yarn alone for that litle money, opal is expensive! $15/pair is the deal of the century, it's crazy, even if she is cranking them on a machine...

  4. you do have to send the yarn (that you yourself bought) & then the creation of the socks from your yarn is $15. still, a very reasonable price! she does a beautiful total job- washing the yarn, wrapping nicely..