Saturday, May 28, 2011

( sale ) at..

very large sale going on at la garconne. my favorite sale pieces-

- bodkin twister jumpsuit
- rachel comey saranac marbled flats
- steven alan reina sweater


  1. Ooof! It always stings a little when something you've recently purchased goes on sale - but you love them so much that perhaps you don't care?

    I was going over and over the sale section at 3am last night/this morning. I love that Bodkin jumper!

    Ps. I started a pinterest, too. Now we can follow each other, omg!

  2. oh I don't care. I do really like them. I'll tell you this sometime, so maybe I'll just admit it publicly- bought a second pair of the same shoes. like I said, I really like them

  3. It's never a bad thing to have two of something you love :) I can totally vouch for that! Plus, what are you supposed to do when 5 years down the road you've worn them out? It would be so hard at that point to track down a second pair :)

  4. it would be impossible- hence the planning now.. glad you understand :)