Thursday, April 28, 2011

( + 1 )

I broke my public pledge to purchase only two higher end spring items. I came across these beautiful rachel comey slip-ons just last week, previously unaware of their existence

the design, abstract marbling, and beautiful colors- pale gray, off white, black- are really a special find & a rare combination. I really, really like them

on the more affordable side of things, I found a couple of lovely vintage skirts today.. I'm currently working on dyeing them some shade of gray (depending on what the materials feel like absorbing).. we'll just have to see how that turns out and, if well, at least one will be available in store later this week

oh & it turns out to be have been more of value purchase than I'd expected.. cat bed included..


  1. I'm glad they turned out to be such a perfect purchase! Excited to see them in person tomorrow.

  2. Isn't everything in life really just a cat bed of sorts?

  3. How to these fit? I would love to get a first hand fit account... before I go out and buy them!


  4. they fit slightly small, and are a shallow cut. I'm a 7.5/8 & the 8 just fits (can't be worn with thick socks or an insole.)

    highly recommend though! just would go maybe 1/2 size up from your usual