Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[ update ]

new items in shop now..

pale blue silk tank
wool mini skirt
navy trousers
egyptian cuff links
pale blue enamel necklace
pyrite & blue stone bracelets
● modern chrome tripod
pyrite & blue stone bracelets

( mummy ) wrap

encouraged by a clever & sweet friend, I thought I'd start posting photos evidencing my love of wrapping gifts, as I've done in the past..

these are holiday gifts, some sweet handmade tumblers, wrapped (or I guess, mummified) in scrap cheesecloth

woot woot

I received a hot tip to check out woot for its renowned deal-of-the-day.. since today, it is a nice rowenta steamer!

there's some silly tax, but the shipping is but $5!

( I do mean 'woot woot' like that noise people make when they raise the roof.. )

Sunday, November 28, 2010

( let's be reasonable )

being reasonable is fun, if occasionally difficult.. always attempting to keep my excesses to a minimum..

● ● enter code 'MINIMUM' at checkout for 15% all items in shop, all this week ● ●

( felt )

I'm really excited about felted things.. an area where I veer precipitously close to 'museum clothing', I think (think neon titanium eyewear & 'funky' but sensible shoes)

something I've noticed when I'm searching through felted items is that even when I don't like something, I still sort of do.. its just a very cool process & result, regardless of the specifics (though, really, there is some scandalous stuff out there)

still, much of it is so beautiful & interesting! I would love to learn how to do this..


wall art
arm warmers
oxford slippers (set of 2)
storage bowl

( warm yr neck )

mmm these really look cozy..

winter white alpaca cowl
soft grey alpaca cowl

Saturday, November 27, 2010

( a gift to myself )

I've got a chair that wishes it were cozier.. another for my herd then, I guess

for sheepskins

the leather guy

( she shyly said )

I like horses

we used to ridicule a poor girl in junior high for harboring shy/recluse/horse-loving tendencies.. never directly to her, but still.. the sad & regrettable casual cruelty of youth

vintage horsehair earrings
horsehair pendant necklace
horsehair bracelet

( few )

few new today, few more tomorrow.. hope you are enjoying a nice weekend

powder blue tank
joan & david coat
fur clutch

Friday, November 26, 2010

( does this vintage make my ass look big )

not at all

I've been working on another little idea, which is to showcase my vintage selection in real time / life.. if you happen to live in or be visiting Seattle, please stop by for a try-on & 'hello'! I've tweeked my little studio slightly to provide a good place for this.. if you're interested, please email me at metrodeshop@gmail.com

and the giveaway is over now, cecilia having won! hope you like it & thanks to all who entered!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

shop (moving)

on the chance you were curious, I wanted to update my shop's future status.. I'm now planning with certainty a move to an independent web shop sometime early in the new year!

I'm working out details now, so will leave a bit of surprise to it all for later, but I'm planning to carry- in addition the my regular vintage basics & a small selection of jewelry- some complementary leather lines! think simple oxfords & big roomy totes, along with my standard trousers, blazers, striped tees, silk tanks, etc

( image, here )

( addition )

textured wool jacket.. cropped length & dark navy shade.. in shop now

Sunday, November 21, 2010

( mmm bucket.. )

that creamy gray leather bucket bag just about looks like food to me.. & this small passport purse could be very helpful indeed

yvonne kone via style bubble

Saturday, November 20, 2010


its possible I should be embarrassed to have followed a link directly out of the right panel of my gmail.. but anyway.. good prices & basic variety at oxfords cashmere.. seem like lovely gifts, for oneself or others