Wednesday, June 30, 2010

natural :: diamond

I just came across a small independent shop that sells lovely, understated natural style engagement (or non) rings for very reasonable prices.. I really like the look and color of these natural stones

I've also happened upon a small quantity of tiny diamond druzy beads (available in grey, white and black) from here.. I bought just 1" of them, with the intention of making a bracelet, positioning them asymmetrically along very thin twisted (or braided?) silver wire... we'll see how that works out

& while I'm already admiring (affordable) natural diamonds, I thought I'd mention these lovely post earrings.. a gorgeous gift, I think


recently I've experienced something along the lines of energized nostalgia, revisiting interests & ideas held for years but steadily ignored in the recent past. I find that grouping prospective materials around me is inspiring.. and I've had some bone white leather that has really propelled my simple creative impulses.. the color, the depth & the natural raw edges essentially do the job for me

grocery shopping prompted me to notice some nice natural cheesecloth.. a quick & dirty route to 'knit' wear maybe? I finally stitched up a simple tank today

while making it, of course, I'm wondering if this material will last. and I thought it was interesting, the idea of an item of clothing that is at once beautiful & relatively prized but essentially disposable

so I've thought about a personal revised take on contemporary disposable fashion. I like the idea that one wears an inexpensive/easy but well-considered garment.. enjoying it for the time that it lasts, and knowing that the time may be brief. and in advance, being all right with that.. a simultaneous raising & lowering of the stakes.. I think it might be liberating

(top layered over silk knit dress from here)


delicious gray supplies

feathers- squirl girl
marble mosaic tesserae- staysea lee
italian leather hide- midland leather
rutilated quartz beads- judy dupin
alpaca/silk top- natch woolie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[ photo ]

mutilated car :: fireman practice vehicle

[ artist ]

wow, this is awesome. photos by phyllis galembo

[ photo ]

Monday, June 28, 2010

[ texture ] something I like

I'm looking around, part consciously part not, for good, satisfying examples of texture, and have found a lot in natural stones..

& then, I love textile sculpture & would love to be able to do it

clutch, top & bottom and pillow- yorktown road
natural amethyst- bead frenz
cast silver cuff- verena schreppel
sculpted wool necklace- ingred

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've a plan for production in the coming weeks.

I'm going on summer vacation at the beach (er, bay beach) soon & am stocking up with supplies both for the time between then & now, and for some relaxing make-time on my trip

I'm currently working on an update to the angle of my shop, to a certain extent. its not all settled in my mind yet, but my early ruminations are of maintaining a slightly smaller, more select stream of vintage basics, with an added emphasis on transitional pieces.. and in expanding the 'made' section. for now, that will mean additional jewelry that really complements the vintage & I hope is just satisfying to create

& I hope to be adding more handmade in the form of clothing & perhaps knits.. we shall see!

(images all this shop)

[ mention ]

spring sale at totokaelo

Friday, June 25, 2010

made / acquired

I've just completed this gray moonstone bracelet.. I love moonstones

& I found this great weathered vintage antler at a favorite stop in my neighborhood.. many a display, I think, will follow

I was thinking about the simplicity of making an item that one really enjoys, based on certainty of trusted materials. in my case, it was a question of finding a source of grey moonstone beads & essentially putting them on a wire. I love that a large part of a creative process is just selection, and then straightforward execution

Thursday, June 24, 2010


lacking ownership of this skirt is sort of sad for me. this was indeed a miss.

(dear golden vintage)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like

natalia brilli

both of these jewelry items (in the loveliest soft gray shade) are 100% leather.. I wonder how she does it

[ photo ]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[ big S A LE ]

I'm going out of town in July, and will be closing my store for the duration. In the meantime, I'm putting EVERYTHING vintage on a significant sale of 40% off

so lots of new deals in my shop now!

m e m b r a n e

Monday, June 21, 2010

yum & yay

yes! mochi

all this time, its been for sale but two blocks away. and I never knew. its not an addiction, though- its a passion

which is different