Sunday, February 28, 2010

b + w print

love those shoes

cotton print booties- osborn design studio via stand up comedy

print jacket- black market baby on etsy

'zanzibar' screeened fabric- green olive textiles on etsy

Saturday, February 27, 2010

bright, light, cheery

I love these cute light electric blue sandals! Very exciting. Available now in my store

the cosmos

I watched the first episode of 'cosmos' with carl sagan last night. The deep, aimless pondering at the beginning gradually gave way to a really interesting narrative that focused largely on the library of alexandria.

I liked the imaginative angle of the show, with sagan's bizarre ship into the cosmos & his walk around the envisioned library. I'll be interested to see where the series goes. At any rate, the images are very beautiful.

& here is a wonderful musical rendering of carl sagan's informative thoughts

Thursday, February 25, 2010

fox pals

really like these knitted foxy scarves from celapiu on etsy. I originally saw the idea a little while ago with the slow & steady wins the race canvas version (also done in black velvet.)

I love that it is your scarf, your blankie & your sweet little friend

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

acme le smoking

I found a cream silk blazer today that I really like. Having it on is like pajamas- so comfortable. Its great I think to have the contrast of something fluid in material with a more severe cut & structure. A good example of that is the SSWTR canvas 'birkin' bag. I was initially so amused by it because it seems like an ACME fashion item.. doofy sort of (I bought one, by the way.)

At any rate, I think this jacket fits that category. It takes its styling cues from the iconic le smoking jacket by YSL which is angular, modern, & somewhat hallowed in its stylistic innovation, but does so in a comfortable, draping way. Perhaps you might wear it while smoking your bubble pipe.. it is amusing & easy to wear, and I like that.

olympic national forest...what I've got

I mentioned before that I lost all of my photos from Olympic National Park under mysterious circumstances. Now, perhaps more oddly, I have just a few of them back. They aren't much, but here they are.

An interesting part of our hike (and pictured second here) were two homesteader's cabins, built in the early 1900s just prior to parkhood. A few men lived in them, including one who continued his residence once the area was official park space. They are still standing and in great shape. Pictured is the second of the two we saw; the first was in such a perfect scenic spot, just above the Elwha River.

There were so many great photo ops along our hike, I was just cherry picking. I'll post more if any are mysteriously revealed on my troublesome flash card.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh so..

c o z y

angora blend skirts, irish wool sweaters, & drapey cardigans (available now)

in the drawn-out final weeks/months of winter our potential coziness still counts for something

visuals of history

I'm interested in this blazer I recently found & just added today. I initially thought from the style that it was 1940s, but found an interior tag that says it was made under the umbrella of the National Recovery Act.

I've only looked into the specifics a little bit, but such a tag seems to indicate that it was manufactured in the mid-1930s. Its funny that I should see this now, as I'm currently reading a biography of FDR which has a lot of background information, and I'm sure the NRA will come up in detail pretty soon.

At any rate, its a lovely piece of clothing. But I was happy to see an explicit historical reference in it as well. Its a usual thing to have the suggestion of a time or place in vintage items, but rare to find something so specific. I'm definitely interested to find out more about the impact of the NRA on the garment industry in particular, in terms of quality of clothing production & the modern "fair labor standards" that went into practice at that time

Monday, February 22, 2010


whale-shaped stone

spotted feather

small driftwood sculpture


I think the best I can hope for are items that sooth & cheer. lovely colors & textures in store now

on the beach- port angeles, wa

while on our trip this weekend, we stayed with friends in port angeles. their house is a great mid century custom job, with lots of personal quirks that really grow on you. port angeles itself is a beautiful, still place just south of canada.

on saturday we went to a wine tasting at a winery, one of several in town. it was sort of a great/ridiculous place that was all about wine, chocolate, and kayaks. extremely pacific northwest, I guess. that was fun, inexpensive, and the wine was nice.

on sunday we went for a hike in olympic national park, which is such a lovely place. my sadness this weekend was that we took so many nice photos there which are now mysteriously missing (stupid flash card.) but, the walk was great, frequently right along the elwha river which is such an amazing shade of blue. the woods are cool & quiet, and I loved the constant small instances of silent & simple beauty

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the lucky deer trading post

the lucky deer trading post is in sequim, wa. its an extra quirky roadside shop loaded with native american art, cards, moccasins, deer skin purses, pendleton-style blankets & purses, buckskins & fur rugs. in short, this was one of my most favorite stores I've ever been to (although I'm only now realizing how ironic/sad the shop name is..)

the owner was very nice & encouraged me to help make her store 'famous.' I assured her I had that ability.. I bought a mini alabaster deer skin bag with antler button, a black & white photo card, & a spotted feather. only wish I'd been thinking more clearly & had purchased one of the gorgeous deer skin hides there.. I've thought of so many things I could have made! next time..

on the ferry

we're taking a short trip this weekend to the Olympic Peninsula. its a 2 hour car drive after a quick ferry ride. its a beautiful place & I've got lots of nice photos that I'll be posting in the coming days.

also, here is my new favorite striped top!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

new bag!

I just got this little leather bag from rennes on etsy. the owner/designer is about the sweetest person, and quickly made up this custom order for me in a special 'mini' size. the lining is a springy chambray which I'll probably stare at in the coming weeks & months to remind myself that I will one day be sleeveless & wearing linen skirts (although I really can't complain about our current amazing weather here.)

also pictured is some lovely vintage striped chambray fabric I found this week. very much reminds me of the rennes aesthetic- simple, clean, marginally preppy, thoughtful, classic. my very favorite.

on another (sort of related) topic, I just found a fantastic 80s striped top.. a tshirt with longsleeves & cut-out shoulders! I'll post a photo soon. I'm excited to wear it with new flat canvas espadrilles & my tan bag!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

best in black

I've been waiting to find another cohesive theme to the new items I've added this week but have lost one or two to the fortunate fate of 'sold.' so, here are a few items in store now, some brand new & some rather new