Tuesday, May 25, 2010

swim :: suit

I'm not a big swimwear person. but who wouldn't want a handsome & well-priced option when/if the necessity arises..

I feel like the halter cut-out suit here is a pretty acceptable substitute for the acne 'wave' suit for under $100.. I do think the actual acne suit is pretty awesome though

harajuku on etsy is a good source for simple, slightly re-thought basic pieces, all of which can be mixed with other styles.. & in one's color/pattern of choice. some of the options need wading through (that is not a pun, merely a coincidence) but I like the black, navy & of course the pretty slate gray

cut out one piece- acne via creatures of comfort
halter cut out- harajuku
gingham highwaist suit- alexandra grecco
b + w print one piece- mociun
gray solid two piece- harajuku


  1. hi Caitlin,

    I got my retro suit from ladramaqueen on etsy last year and i looooove it, got so many compliments. Well worth the money when target string bikinis weren't doing anything for my post baby body

  2. cute :)

    bathing suits are tough so its awesome to find one that really works for you.. still working on that for myself