Monday, April 19, 2010

.. spring, beads, etc

again with the spring.. its influence & impression on the feeling of a day are difficult to ignore..

while looking at southwestern items I realized it has been a bit too long since I last made something. happily, yesterday was a lovely day & I took a nice walk, stopping along the way at a bead store. I ended up putting together a beautiful, weighty bunch of chunky vintage African glass beads. the color is subdued as per my (narrow) taste & pretty lovely.. a sort of grey/taupe/green that is, I think, accompanied well by some much smaller & more delicate pale blue beads.. these are the two necklaces I came up with yesterday

after making them, feeling pretty pleased & somewhat inspired, I remembered that I have lots of beautiful materials that I could/should be working with.. I'm hoping to add a few new angles to my amateur creative routine such as crochet and more beadwork, & I'm really pretty excited

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