Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've loved a particular shade of yellow since I was about 13. I found an ad then, in Bazaar most likely, with a knit yellow sleeveless top I've never forgotten. Its significance is something of a conundrum.. I don't understand it. But I'm still fond of the marigold shade & the memory of how much I loved/wanted that particular top

with the memory in mind, as well as my new hobby of beaded-necklace-making, I searched for & found some lovely beads to add a small bit of color to my spring

&, nextly, the giveaway item- a lovely 1960s marigold lace top! this giveaway will begin tomorrow!

knit tank- nemres on etsy
saffron dress- dear golden vintage
yellow beads- jjm jewelry on etsy

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