Wednesday, April 28, 2010

an impetus for color

I've been continuing with my beaded jewelry fixation, hobby, whatever it is. Based on a few strands of beads that I bought, I was able to make several pieces. I think its a simple, organic (if I may) process to just pick a long strand of beads & have one's creativity spurred on from there

I'm thinking that I may begin to sell some of these preppy/tribal numbers in my shop, as I think they'd blend well with the general style I go for. For now, they are functioning as a relaxing activity & as gifts for friends (and myself)


  1. Love them! I just found three vintage necklaces for my shop that are all very tribal and have that 60's/70's vibe...definitely you should start selling these!

  2. So pretty! You should definitely sell them. I love coral and white together.

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  3. very pretty! love the splash of color & different size beads.