Friday, April 23, 2010

giveaway #2

I'm pleased to commence the second giveaway! Last time the item- a 1930s/40s full length black lace dress with some condition issues, for anyone who was curious- was a surprise, but this time I wanted to include photos & some description

The item for this second giveaway is a marigold lace top, in a cropped length, from the 50s/60s. It is handmade, and lined in yellow rayon. The back zips up, the waist is fitted, & the sleeves are capped.

The size is approximately an xs/small, or US size 2. Please don't hesitate, if the top isn't ideal for you, to enter on behalf of a friend- I'll be happy to gift wrap!

For anyone interested, please email your name & contact info to or leave here in the comments.. I'll write up paper name slips as I receive entries, and pick randomly from a hat a week from today


  1. thanks for hosting a great giveaway!i sent an email :)