Wednesday, February 24, 2010

olympic national forest...what I've got

I mentioned before that I lost all of my photos from Olympic National Park under mysterious circumstances. Now, perhaps more oddly, I have just a few of them back. They aren't much, but here they are.

An interesting part of our hike (and pictured second here) were two homesteader's cabins, built in the early 1900s just prior to parkhood. A few men lived in them, including one who continued his residence once the area was official park space. They are still standing and in great shape. Pictured is the second of the two we saw; the first was in such a perfect scenic spot, just above the Elwha River.

There were so many great photo ops along our hike, I was just cherry picking. I'll post more if any are mysteriously revealed on my troublesome flash card.

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  1. love the cabin. what part of the park were you hiking in? I've only been to one section but look forward to exploring more...