Tuesday, November 24, 2015

platform for )


my friend made this ultra minimalist metal bedframe for me. unfortunately once you put things on it its less visibly beautiful - but its there

Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm going to look
like a confederate soldier in
silver and navy blue
wearing it for every holiday. better
than a grinch suit

(  my true holiday self        )

Sunday, November 22, 2015

say no

dear diary,

last night was a whirlwind. I met so many people. Unanimously they indicated their admiration and approbation of, well, me. and yet the energy of the evening was at times spoilt - war... you know? absolutely nothing. and nothing can be so dangerous.

we entered the zone, an energized local sector with distinct deficiencies. and a wonder station. whoa you cannot do that. but they did. in contrast to my human, I, fortunately, was not called a bitch. an illiterate one at that. outrageous. she tells me she has read many books, though her proof is lacking due to professed minimalism. sadly this alienates her from other literati.

my mind wanders.

I profess not to understand intoxication. less still, the carte blanche awarded its most enthusiastic adopters. I am adopted, as it were. something to consider, should you be lonesome.

so I watched and listened in horror to the many instances of basic human degradation. we met a young man coming out. at least we can believe in something. in daycare earlier that day I admit, I humped a new friend to his discomfort. for shame. perhaps we are all simply trying to relate? well. there must be a better way. a more effective way - to say yes to love



Friday, November 20, 2015

why the fuck not

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

there's no name you're..

this morning
you looked sad enough
all right.

feels like a missed connection
cause we
don't understand
one another.

you told me that I did it even though it hurt you and I did it.
even though
you'd hurt me
I think you're well above ok.

its too late and it
doesn't seem like the depth
is apparent. between us
there's not quite that communication of one mind to another mind and its hard. my mind wants that mind to mind.
I say I don't mind.


sad enough, all right. but
it seems
like time misspent. wasted sounds judgmental. the links
listen to me. I'm telling you
something amazing.

and yet to be honest honestly, I am so angry.
may be sleep will bring

in this direction


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

its too late to re curse ourselves

you, boston terrier
bitch I don't know.
dry on the covered porch we walked by in the rain. how I hate to be all wet.

I whined slightly, excited
for the chance meeting,
black and white,
in a world of color and too little

protest. I 
of your yelps as
I lay on the floor
of a friendly coffee shop listening
to beautiful music. I wonder,
who hurt you

I hadn't noticed our differences until you
made a point
of it. yes i weigh 61 pounds. today
I am frustrated.

I have the very real
feeling that you want to be friends with me but there's
no safe place

                                                                  ( this is not safe )
if you'll always
want me to apologize.
it is almost certainly
too late
              ( too late )

on the way up the stairs, after the walk, wet
from the rain,
I found a white cigarette butt ;
the smallest comforts
drop it!
like its very very hot and

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